Harvesting Snail Slime

for Beauty Products…

The Process that is used in CARACOL UNIDO for extracting slime is the One by One Method. The only specie that is compatible with cosmetics products is HELIX ASPERSA MULLER also called PETIT GRIS.

The recolection of snails starts 2 weeks before the extraction with the clasification of every snail that is needed. Then they are placed in boxes so the snails have enough humidity and nutrients, and a special food is given .They are washed and well hydrateted before the extraction.During the extraction, the snail slime is collected from the secretory gland, after which they are placed back to nature, with a temperature of 23ºC and humidity of 70%. They don´t die during the extraction. Also we don´t use warm air suffocating snails, or the french method of smashing snails!! We believe that we can work in a cruelty free environment.